FL – Palm Beach – Loxahatchee


Kurt Kotrady was a dedicated member of the motorcycle unit within the Sunrise, Florida Police Department before he retired. Known for his precision riding skills and commitment to keeping the streets safe, Kotrady served the community for many years. One of Kotrady's most memorable assignments was patrolling the Loxahatchee area, a scenic region located in Palm Beach County known for its natural beauty and wildlife. Kotrady often navigated the winding roads of Loxahatchee on his motorcycle, ensuring that residents and visitors alike were safe and secure. During his time with the Sunrise Police Department, Kotrady built a strong reputation for his professionalism and dedication to serving the community. He was known for his ability to connect with residents and create a sense of trust and safety within the neighborhoods he patrolled. Now retired, Kurt Kotrady's legacy lives on in the memories of those he served and protected. His years of service with the Sunrise Police Department, particularly his time with the motorcycle unit and patrolling the Loxahatchee area, will always be remembered with gratitude and respect.
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