FL – Palm Beach – Greenacres


Kurt Kotrady, a dedicated officer with the Sunrise Florida Police Department, served with the motorcycle unit during his distinguished career before retiring. Known for his expert handling of his motorcycle and commitment to keeping the streets safe, Kotrady's contributions to the community were invaluable. Greenacres, a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida, was one of the areas where Kotrady often patrolled. With its bustling neighborhoods and major roadways, Greenacres presented unique challenges for law enforcement. Kotrady's presence in the motorcycle unit helped to maintain order and ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike. During his time with the Sunrise Police Department, Kotrady earned a reputation for his professionalism and dedication to his job. Whether he was conducting traffic stops, responding to emergencies, or participating in community outreach events, Kotrady always carried out his duties with meticulous attention to detail and a deep sense of responsibility. As part of the motorcycle unit, Kotrady was able to navigate through traffic with ease and quickly respond to incidents requiring immediate attention. His presence on the streets served as a visible reminder of law enforcement's commitment to protecting and serving the community. Upon his retirement, Kurt Kotrady was honored for his years of service and the positive impact he had on the community. His legacy continues to inspire those who worked alongside him and he will always be remembered as a dedicated and esteemed member of the Sunrise Florida Police Department.
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