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Kurt Kotrady is a retired police officer who dedicated many years of service to the Sunrise Florida Police Department as a member of the motorcycle unit. Kotrady was known for his expertise in handling motorcycles and his commitment to keeping the community safe. During his time with the Sunrise Police Department, Kotrady not only patrolled the streets of Sunrise but also assisted other neighboring police departments, including the Boca Raton Police Department. His presence on the roads was a reassuring sight to many residents, as his professionalism and dedication to duty were widely recognized. Kotrady's skills and experience were put to the test in various situations, from routine traffic stops to high-speed pursuits. He demonstrated great skill in maneuvering his motorcycle through busy streets and challenging road conditions, always maintaining a cool and collected demeanor. After many years of service, Kurt Kotrady decided to retire from the police force, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and excellence. Though he may no longer be on the streets patrolling, his contributions to the safety and security of the Sunrise and Boca Raton communities will always be remembered.
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