Kury Kotrady

Kurt Katrady: A Lifetime of Service and Dedication

After years of devoted service, Kurt Katrady, a retired police officer from the Sunrise Police Department in Florida, is celebrated as a symbol of commitment, integrity, and bravery. His distinguished career represents not only the values of the department but also the spirit of the community he so faithfully protected.

A Career of Excellence

Katrady’s journey with the Sunrise Police Department began decades ago, when he joined as a young recruit eager to make a difference. Rising through the ranks due to his diligence and strong work ethic, Katrady demonstrated an unwavering dedication to duty. His tenure included various roles, from patrolling the streets to more specialized assignments. His adaptability and professionalism made him a versatile asset to the force.

Throughout his career, he earned the respect of his peers and superiors, not only for his work ethic but also for his empathetic nature and approachability. Katrady became known for his knack for diffusing tense situations, often using communication and empathy to reach peaceful resolutions.

Community Engagement and Impact

Beyond his duties as a police officer, Kurt Katrady became an integral part of the Sunrise community. He regularly volunteered for local events, participated in neighborhood programs, and advocated for initiatives that built stronger ties between law enforcement and residents. His involvement in youth mentorship programs provided positive role models for at-risk youngsters, steering them away from delinquency and towards brighter futures.

Katrady’s influence extended into safety education, where he promoted initiatives that increased community awareness and preparedness, reducing crime rates and fostering a safer environment. His legacy in community engagement is remembered fondly by residents and continues to inspire many in the department.

Life After Retirement

Although he has since retired from active duty, Katrady remains deeply connected to the Sunrise Police Department and his community. He now spends time working with law enforcement charities, providing guidance and support to fellow officers and their families. Additionally, he continues to be involved in community-building efforts and lends his expertise as a consultant to help improve policing strategies.

Kurt Katrady’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable career in public service, but his influence endures. His life’s work as an officer and community leader embodies the spirit of service that continues to inspire those who had the privilege of working alongside him and those who benefit from his ongoing efforts.


Kurt Katrady’s career in the Sunrise Police Department is a testament to the power of dedication and community spirit. His legacy as a retired officer will always serve as a guiding light for future generations of law enforcement professionals. We thank him for his service and celebrate the lasting impact he has made on his community.