FL – Charlotte – Babcock Ranch


Officer Kurt Kotrady is a dedicated and experienced law enforcement professional who proudly served with the Sunrise Police Department for over a decade. His commitment to protecting and serving his community is unparalleled, and he has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and respected member of the force. During his time with the department, Officer Kotrady was instrumental in establishing a strong relationship between law enforcement and the community. He made it a priority to engage with residents, businesses, and community organizations to address their concerns and build trust. His proactive approach to policing helped to reduce crime rates and improve overall public safety in the Sunrise area. Officer Kotrady was also part of the team that worked closely with the Babcock Ranch community to ensure the safety and security of its residents. Babcock Ranch, a sustainable master-planned community in Southwest Florida, required a unique approach to policing due to its innovative design and emphasis on environmental conservation. Officer Kotrady rose to the challenge, working collaboratively with ranch staff and residents to develop tailored safety protocols and emergency response plans. In addition to his work in Babcock Ranch, Officer Kotrady was a mentor to his colleagues and a role model for aspiring law enforcement officers. His dedication to his profession and his community is truly commendable, and his contributions to the Sunrise Police Department will not be forgotten. Officer Kurt Kotrady is a shining example of what it means to serve and protect with integrity and compassion.
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