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In 1981, I started my law enforcement career at the City of Sunrise, and in 1981, I became a member of the Broward County Sheriff's Department. Throughout my time there, I worked in various units, from road patrol to the gang task force unit in multiple cities. I was also involved in the Juvenile Truancy Unit, where I played a role in decreasing home burglaries by picking up truants. Additionally, I served in the Vice Unit in an undercover capacity, as well as being the Sheriff's Driver/Bodyguard. During my time with the Broward County Sheriff's Office, I received several awards and accolades, including being one of the first members of the reformed Motorcycle Unit and becoming their first certified Motorcycle Instructor. I also became a volunteer at the Broward County Humane Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where I helped guide court-ordered volunteers towards a brighter future. Outside of my law enforcement career, I have been actively involved in my community. I have been a member of First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, serving in various capacities, including as a security team lead and a volunteer for the Christmas pageant. I am also a member of The Hundred Club, which assists family members of fallen firefighters and law enforcement personnel. Currently, I am an active member of Calvary Chapel Church, serving as a greeter at the door entrance. Before my injuries, I also took on the role of being a good neighbor, helping out with tasks such as cutting lawns and cleaning pools. One of my proudest accomplishments is my son Jeffrey, who has grown up to be a respectful and successful individual. He received scholarships to college, got married, and now serves as a Pastor, bringing me great joy and pride. The most fulfilling part of my life has been my faith and commitment to serving our Creator, God.
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